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Therapeutic riding was brought to the United States in 1960 and has both physical and psychological advantages that these riders can benefit from. Although anyone can aid from therapeutic riding, it is specifically targeted for those with physical and mental disabilities. Students at Pegasus Riding Academy in Savannah, Georgia learn how to work with horses by assisting with grooming, tacking, and feeding. Once on the horse, students participate in a variety of games that help build muscle control, coordination, and range of motion. Students also learn confidence, patience, and self-discipline.

Peggi Noon, the owner of Pegasus Riding Academy, has been running her barn at this location for the last four years. She caters to about 68 clients and has 35 volunteers- the back-bone of the program. Six horses are used to teach natural horsemanship to her students. “The best part is the love and the progress, but mostly the love,” said Noon. “it helps physically, mentally, and emotionally, and it builds their confidence.” Peggi also takes her students to compete in the Special Olympics, both local and state.

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